The Truly Unique And Exquisite Way Candles Are Used

When it comes to making candles there are quite literally thousands of books that are available to you on the subject. With so many books how can you tell which candle making book is right for you? Well, this all depends on what you are looking into, if you want some information on which book to choose out of all of the candle making books available then read on as this article is going to go over all of the basics.

Alright, I’ll be honest. There is actually no candle making involved in this particular project. However, it costs less than 2 dollars and you can make as many as you want to. All you need is a mini pumpkin (3-4 inches), a tea candle, and either a candle carver or a biscuit cutter. You could also just use a knife or screwdriver.

Wicks. A wick holds the flame to your candle. They are often made out of braided cotton. Wicks are treated with flame-resistant solutions, so the burn will last longer when burning a candle.

Making candles is like making hot chocolate on a cold winter day with the best chocolate. Skimp on the essentials and you get a hot mess on your hands. In this day and age, the growth of Candle making is quite massive. Even beginners are finding they too candle make beautiful candles with ease. But the question always comes up. What kind to use?

Soy candle making is indeed an art form and is a pretty easy and straightforward process from start to finish. Having said it will take a bit of practice to produce the right candle each and every time. The process is a simple one consisting of melting the wax, including the color and scents you like then pouring the wax into the container or mold of your choice. Lastly, once the wax starts to harden add the wick to the container and then allowing it to set. Be sure and brace the wick straight if the wick starts to lean during the set up process.

Another common type is Soy wax. Soy candle wax is one of the newest candle waxes on the market available for purchase. Although it is relatively new, it is becoming a popular wax choice. People are enjoying it because it is a renewable resource and is also biodegradable. Another great thing about this wax is it can be melted in a microwave. It is a quick and easy wax to make candles with. As this type of wax is quite soft, it must be used in a container candle.

Gel. Of course, you are making this candle so would need gel. That’s the most important thing you’ll ever need. But how will you know what gel to use? Hmm. Gels are essentially the same. The only difference between gels is the density. Gels come in low, medium and high density.

After you have added your dye and fragrance it will be time to pour your candles. It is recommended that a gel candle should be poured between 185 and 200 degrees. Try to pour slowly to reduce the amount of bubbles forming inside the candles. Pouring at a lower temperature will add to the amount of bubbles you end up with. You are now going to allow the candles to cool down for a couple of hours. After letting your candle cool down for several hours you will have to trim the candle wicks and that’s it you have just completed your very first gel candle fell free to try out different colors sizes and scents.

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