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Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar is pleased to be joined by Lisa Maria Lanno, who is here to discuss her new children’s book “The Secret Cave,” iUniverse (2006), ISBN 9780595405855. We are also joined today by Brianne Plach, our ten-year old reviewer of “The Secret Cave” who will ask Lisa a few questions to begin.

You can study different kinds of rocks together, and maybe, collect a few. With a reference book or Science workshop the internet as a resource you can try to identify and label your rock collection. Although the rocks may not consist of spectacular pieces of earth, a rock collection is a great way to study how different rocks are made, and how it affects their properties. Having a rock collection will turn your child into an unwitting geologist.

Science-fiction is a genre. However, more important than the genre is the story itself. When you come up with your story, do not force it to fit into this genre. Instead, make sure the genre fits your story. If it does not, then the whole story will seem awkward and forced.

My “kids,” now in their twenties, think it rather amusing to read about themselves as they were over ten years ago. They laugh at the characteristics of the children, seeing their own personalities as youngsters. There are some differences, however. Valerie is actually “the baby” and Genevieve is the eldest, with Joe stuck in the middle. In the book, Valerie is older than Joe. I have “thumbs up” from all three.

Science workshops for Secondary schools video tutorials for kids are one more extremely effective way to assist a child to learn Science. These kinds of video tutorials have great quality of sound and pictures, along with their fun mode of connection, learning using these video tutorials is certainly interesting. Video tutorials are available on a large number of topics, you are able to select any particular topic to get started with.

And now my eyes are closed and I slowly open them in Huxley (a wonderful large space) each of us dance and move uniquely in our own way. Gentle coaxing and suggestions from Cynthia. I am aware of my breath. Stomach relaxed.

Whatever you write about you can fill in the parts you don’t know with research. Sometimes what you haven’t experienced can be a major part of the story.

The main thing is that you have fun with your kids. I think I actually enjoy doing a Science Experiment more than the children. It’s really good quality time and I usually take the opportunity to talk about something different, out of the ordinary. We don’t get much time with our kids with our busy schedules, sports, activities, etc. As much as I talk a big game about trying to get it done quickly and out of the way, when the nest is empty, I will miss the science project.

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