Homeschool High School While On The Road

I remember when we were finally able to have a child. It took ten years and surgery on my wife before that occurred; it took a lot out of us. You can imagine what kind of doting parents we were. We read to our son constantly.

The weasels come to him in the night and promise the same for him that they gave the dog. One chicken for every eight they steel. But Pinocchio turns them in to become dinner for a poor family in town. The Farmer is so proud he releases Pinocchio. But Pinocchio learned more than to harness his desires, he learned to keep the dead dog’s secret out of compassion.

They run a long distance until Pinocchio jumps into the ocean. He uses his instincts. The dog falls in after him and begins to drown. Pinocchio is driven to compassion over his own fears of his freedom and saves the dog.

The first year that I subbed, I was in an 80-school district with several hundred subs that utilized the Subfinder system (an automated messaging system for teacher absence reporting and substitute teacher placement). I created personalized stationary in a desktop publishing program, printed up a slew, and kept my resource binder stocked. At the top, I included my name, phone number, and Subfinder ID number so that they could contact me or request me for future assignments.

Use your Textbook and “edit” the example problems in your Quantitative Aptitude Math Book replacing the “4 badgers went down hill at 3 miles per hour” with horses instead of badgers and change the 3miles per hour to some number that horses would actually be running. The math will not change-that’s the great thing about it. The way the problem needs to be worked will remain the same.

Once you establish the routine of math work being done at home, you can start to relax. As with many things, setting up the routine early with your child helps them establish good study habits. So know that your time committed to your child every evening will pay dividends later. Fights will be avoided and a good math homework routine will have made your teen a success.

Add details to each chapter concept. If Chapter 1 is on telling time, then you may have a section on telling time by the hour, a section on telling the time by half hour, and a section on telling time by five minutes.

Go without a textbook. Thanks the the internet, you can easily research your subject matter without using the textbook designated by the professor. Chemistry is Chemistry and Psychology is psychology. A smart person could take good notes in class, and look up the subject matter of the required reading and still get an A in the class.

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