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When it comes to making candles it seems the natural way is growing more and more popular. This comes as no surprise as the going green movement has really taken off in the past few decades. As far as natural candle making goes there are many things that you can do to ensure that your candles are all natural and not only great but great for the environment. So what do you need to know about natural candle making?

Fragrance oils. To put more life to your gel candle, add some fragrance oils that are relaxing, stress free and can give a soothing sensation when you light your candle. There are a lot of supplies in the market. Manufacturers and suppliers recommend fragrance with a flash point of 200 degrees. When adding fragrance, make sure it complements the kind of density gel you are using and make sure that it is not flammable.

Most of the tools are things you already have in your home. For heating the wax an electric stove will work well. Use a pot, fill it half way full of water, then put a clean, used can to put the wax in. Bring the water to a boil and the wax inside will slowly melt. When you are done with the can used to melt the wax you can just through it away. Easy clean up! Next you will need a mold of some sort. It can be anything you have at home, a glass jar or a paper cup. These are the only tools you will need.

Some kits include wax additives, such as stearic acid and vybar, which improve certain candle qualities. Candles can be created through different processes, be it dipped, rolled, fused, molded, layered or sculptured. After making the candles from your kit, you will likely be left with extra dye, which is usually included as a concentrated solid block, but you may run out of scent before you run out of Candle making team building wax. Kits usually contain detailed instructions on how to melt the wax, add the dye, and add the scent.

Step # 3. Now prepare the mold, wipe the inside of the mold with olive oil and string the wick through the wick tab, place the wick tab in the bottom center of the mold.

The last type, the latex mold, allows the hobbyist to make unique candle making molds by simply painting any object with several coats of liquid latex. Once the latex dries, you have your own one-of-a kind mold. Releasing and cleaning of latex molds is as easy as with silicone molds.

Next in line is the Medium density, also known as the CMP grade. Medium density gels are probably the most widely used. It can hold up to 4% fragrance and can hold your embed materials pretty well because it has medium polymer quantity. If your embeds are light then this is a good gel to use. In addition, this kind of candle can melt and pour easily.

To pump up the occasion, you may as well decorate your candle with sequins. If it is a children’s party, you may as well decorate it with choco bits. By the way in making scented candle, you pour the essential oil halfway. So what oil would you choose? Choose the oil that is usually used in spas…they are the ideal ones coupled in homemade candle making.

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