Chocolate Poker Chips Are Both Versatile And Delicious

Single Fathers deserve as much credit as single moms do. Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to give back to the Dad that has given so much to you. Here are some gift ideas any single Dad is sure to love.

You should only invite guest to the bridal shower who will also be invited to the wedding. If you are unsure about who should be on the guest list, feel free to ask the bride to help out. If you are organizing a surprise shower, ask the bride’s mother or someone who would know about the wedding reception guest list.

Religious Function: There are at least 9 layouts that have a religious theme-base. They are great for Christmas, Hanukah, Christenings, Communions, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, and can also be used for religious fund raisers. Imagine using personalized wrappers to give to your congregation for the next chili cook-off, Royal Ranger meeting, or church garage sale. Photos of the pastor or rabbi can be put on the candy bars, or a picture of the member of the church or synagogue being honored.

Wrapper Wishes: If you’re planning to give out customized candy singapore bars as party favors, place a special message or treat inside, like a $1.00 gift certificate for McDonalds, a pizza coupon, or even a golden ticket like the ones from Willie Wonka (or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for you youngsters) that gives one lucky person a BIG prize. Have the prizes all be the same, or mix them up to keep it interesting.

Plan a break. What’s to stop you taking mom on a trip? It doesn’t have to involve splurging on tickets to Las Vegas or Paris. How about a weekend away? Or even just a day trip somewhere, just she and you?

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A bridal shower doesn’t need to be an expensive party, but it certainly can be. Be sure that your budget is set early in the planning process. Once your budget has been decided, be sure the required funds are set aside. Just because you plan the shower, it doesn’t mean you need to pay for the entire thing. Unless you are independently wealthy, ask all the bridesmaids to help out.

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