Best Band Names Taken From Literary Figures

Oprah Winfrey began the “Oprah Book Club” in 1996. During the fourteen years that the book club has been in existence, it has featured many classic novels as well as novels by unheard of authors. Here is a look at the ten Oprah Book Club selections that I consider must reads.

Keep the viewpoint consistent. Most memoirs are told from a first-person point-of-view, and it needs to remain that way throughout the book. If you are re-telling a story that was told to you, you need to be sure the viewpoint is consistent. Introduce the story first by showing how it was told to you.

This short novel about the time Wiesel spent in a concentration camp as a child during the Holocaust is an absolute must-read. Wiesel’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel was first published in 1958. It became an Oprah Book Club selection in 2006.

This is my favorite book by author Barbara Kingsolver. The story of a missionary and his family and their travails in the African Congo is a fast-paced, interesting read. The Poisonwood Bible was first published in 1998 and was an Oprah Book Club selection in 2000.

Gresham recursos retoricos Yeah! There are times when I am shedding blood, sweat and tears trying to get all this done. But I am doing the work I believe the Holy Spirit of God has led me to do and I enjoy my life enormously.

Going back to names that were more than likely plucked out of thin air, what do you think of Isia? How about Pagelyn? A few of the stranger names of recent years include Iazhayla, Adlyn, and Rudney.

If you have a chapter that deviates from the set viewpoint, it can confuse your readers, so it’s best to keep the point-of-view consistent throughout the memoir.

But there is no agreement among the scholars about any of these substitutes. On the other side of the fence are scholars who have no doubts about Shakespeare at all. In fact they assert that Shakespeare indeed wrote the plays and there should not be any question regarding his authorship claim at all.

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