Auto Accident And Your Insurance Agent

The $2.00 shops are not always the best way to go. They may sell packed acrylic paints at dirt cheap prices but you can save even more by repacking your own. Most plaster painting studios use glass vials preferably with a screw on plastic lid rather than a plastic vial with a push on cap, which has a tendency to leak.

It is also possible to visit the shop, and this is a good idea. Introduce yourself, and ask a few questions. Let them know you are a potential long term customer. During this visit you can get clear answers to what should be a long list of items that can be used to compare different shops. Does the shop perform all services? If not, which ones are performed there, and what are the recommendations and methods used to handle things such as glass repair or repainting?

Ask About Warranty – That last factor you should consider is warranty. A reputable body shop will warranty their work. Of course that warranty won’t extend to you scraping the paint off, but it should include peeling or cracking due to defects in workmanship.

At a body shop, your vehicle will be assessed for damage. After that, the repair work will begin. They will first be sure that the frame and tire axles are all properly aligned and straight, so that the strength of your vehicle is not compromised. Often, in a collision, the metal is bent and twisted and this can make driving very dangerous. After correcting those problems and repairing or swapping out the parts, the cosmetics will be given attention.

Speak with your friends/family/colleagues to know about their auto repair experience. Reference is one of the best ways to find an excellent body shop in el paso tx. You can even get referrals from your Truck Company or insurance agent. However, you should always check the credentials or testimonials before choosing the auto shop.

You will want to protect the floor in the case of a spill or paint dripping from the brush or roller. The quickest and easiest way to protect the floor is to cover it with a drop cloth. Drop cloths can be purchased at home supply stores or paint shops. Old sheets also work well as drop clothes. Make sure that your drop cloth has no rips or holes in it that might expose the floor. You will also want to make sure that the drop cloth is setting snuggly against the wall. Masking tape running along the edge of the drop cloth and the bottom of the wall will provide a snug connection.

How can one body shop give you an estimate that is half the cost of another? The answer usually is that one will use aftermarket parts that cost half the price.

Perception is everything, from start to finish. Think about your own buying habits. You will pay more for something that you believe in. If you have 2 sandwich shops, one that you know and one unknown, the one you know charges $1.00 more for your favorite lunch, the other place charges less. Would you gamble on an unknown? For $1.00, I would rather eat knowing that I will depend on a goof lunch. Maybe you would save a $1.

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