6 Simple Ways To Appear Assured & Dramatically Reduce Fear Of Public Speaking

If you surf the Internet at all these days, you are guaranteed to run across a web site that has a gallery of funny videos. They are everywhere now. The day after the State of the Union address, I found about forty web sites that had spoofs of President Bush’s speech on them. They were hilarious. My friends and I rolled for days about some of the things on these videos. Many of the funny videos that appear on the web are spoofs on someone, or something famous, but some of these videos are just everyday situations with a funny twist.

If you do not care for funny videos that make fun of celebrities or other famous people, then you might find the videos about everyday situations a little more your speed. I have seen many different funny videos that show an everyday task, like IT helpdesk, but they over exaggerate the stereotypes in the situation. The IT helpdesk video that I have watched was very funny, because the guy answering the phones was putting the customer on hold every five seconds. Then when the customer was on hold he would complain that the customer was the stupidest person in the world. The helpdesk representative would then get back on the phone and he would be overly nice and patient.

Together with your eyes focused on your pointed index fingers, slowly form a lazy eight figure along with your arms. Say whats happened, i.e., “I was ready to speak on Strengths and I see here I am so supposed to talk on Personality Assessments, which will get the audience on your side. Listed here are some points that can assist.

Bush has proven that he does not have much interest in green technology such as solar power. However, thanks to the oil crisis, Bush has finally conceded that an alternative to oil would benefit the United States(hello ethanol).

More and more busy professionals are turning to online solutions as a smart choice to build presentation skill and public speaking. The reasons are simple. Low cost, convenient and extremely flexible. Exactly the opposite of an in-person training or elite coaching with a media expert.

I’m sure you are thinking by now, I must have been crazy, and you would be right; I was certifiably insane but I had made a promise once, to a dying friend in a nursing home. My promise to her was that I would always live my life with no regrets. And so, even though I was fearful, I vowed to face my fears head on and beat them, and live my dream of becoming a professional singer.

The best speech writers in the world won’t help someone who can’t express themselves. That’s why the ability to deliver a speech is so important in politics. The person who can affirm themselves well in front of an audience can inspire confidence in their colleagues and the electorate. Read your cover letter out loud to yourself. Even better, do it into a mirror. Does it sound cheesy and generic? You may want to consider a rewrite. Rewrite and recite until you can convey a statement about yourself that you will feel happy about sending to complete strangers.

What have you learned so far in 2006 about yourself and your business? Where would you like to improve? Do you need help figuring it out? Then take advantage of your network. I’ m sure you’ ll find someone willing to reach out and help you.

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