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Knowing what to charge is the secret of success for small business people, and it certainly applies to independent handyman businesses. Undercharging means you’ll have to work two or three times harder and longer than other handymen. You’ll also end up working for penypinchers and you’ll generally be respected a bit less than if you charged more. People respect confidence, and one of the best ways to show your confidence as a handyman is to charge a fair fee.

The end of the winter season is the time of year when handyman services are really useful. Once everything starts to thaw, we’re already thinking about the summer months. This is why the second half of winter is when lots of people decide to install decks. If you’ve already got a deck, this is the time when you’ll want to fix it up with any needed repairs. You’ll want to get it ready for all the barbecues and nice spring evenings.

Removing or adding a wall can create a unique spaces for more places to put the ole’ caboose. Of course, if his friends come over now that he has a Man Cave of his own that’s not our fault, but if your man is happy you will be rewarded with trips and jewelry. We suggest some plastic covers and mats around the new furniture for easy clean up.

A blocked sewer can be a grave problem if not diagnosed early. A general handyman has to be contacted immediately to prevent further damage. Owners have to avoid the hassle of digging just so they can find the pipe lines that are broken. Only a professional blocked sewer specialist would be able to fix the problem without digging.

They have the right skills and tools. Proper training and good equipment are what separates the man from the boy. In this case the professional from the amateur. Imagine your cousin trying to duck tape a leak in one of your pipes. Does that look like it would work by any chance? And now imagine a dude in a union suit caring a toolbox full with all kinds instruments. Which one would you trust? And since the pros have training and proper tools…

The first thing you should know is if anyone has filed a negative complaint or claims with the Consumer protection agency or taken them to court in the past. If yes, please clarify what the circumstances surrounding the incidence were. And after this, get in touch with the agency or court to confirm their story.

You also must know who your competition is. Are there a lot of individuals in your area who do handy work? How many companies market themselves in this way? If you know who your competition is then this can help you to figure out what services are needed most in your area. You will be more successful in this business if you can offer something that the other handyperson does not have to offer. This can also serve as a guide to how much money you should charge your customers.

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