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Xbox 360 repair guides have sprung up everywhere on the Internet like mushrooms. They are supposed to show you step by step, how to fix the red ring of death. Which of these can you trust not to be scams? Rather than make a recommendation myself, I will show you how to avoid getting ripped off altogether.

The next item on the top menu is ‘Reviews’. This page is a very long list of equipment reviews with several alternative methods of finding the one you want. Incentives are offered, in the form of discount coupons, for people to write reviews of their purchases, to help other members of the community. One thing this suggests to me is that they are not worried about any negative comments about the Optics Planet service in these reviews.

Zygor Guides and Dugi both offer virtually the exact same on the outside. Both products solve your questing frustrations and help you level at amazing speeds. However, one is distinctively different than the other and although both guides do get the job done, one is definitely better than the other.

Once you have broken your information down into small pieces, make a list of resources that you can include. Many of these may be free resources, but you will also want to include some of your affiliate links. This increases the change of revenue later on.

Special Offers – You can also use it to encourage people to download new product releases, subscribe to newsletters, podcasts – whatever, as long as there is a benefit to the reader.

Up-sells are widely used in all forms of marketing or selling. For example, when you go to buy a suit or dress, the salesman always offers an accessory such as a shirt/blouse, or tie or something like that. Fabian also offers a couple of up-sells – the advanced Maximum Money Blueprints that can cut your time to profit in half and resell rights. Both are inexpensive and well worth the price.

A product that can be declared as a winner is the one that has proven itself in the aspect of marketing and sales. It must achieve some kind of longevity in the marketing business. It also has to be something that costs less than the others because if it costs a dollar higher, it will be difficult to sell. Plus, you have to make sure despite the fact that it’ll be a rough road ahead, you’re going to continue the biz.

Make sure you don’t fall for these scammers’ traps. Do your homework well and spend some time looking for the Stop Sweating and Start Living Guide that’s perfect for you. It will all be worth it.

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