5 Important Keys To A Successful Meditation Practice

What do you dream about? Do you have dreams of building a blockbuster business, material wealth, taking great vacations, writing the next bestseller, or contributing to the lives of others? Whatever dreams you have big or small, staying motivated can sometimes be a challenge.

Use your intuition as you review your dream notes and try to make sense of your dream. You may already know on an instinctual level what your dreams are trying to tell you. Connecting with your intuition can help you connect with your unconscious mind. If you breatheology coach, a short meditation session can often be a big help. Connecting with your inner self is always a huge help when it comes to interpreting and analyzing dreams.

Since during meditation the mind is usually clear, you can conveniently put in subliminal messages almost without issues. You can repeat the messages into your mind, or you can use CDs or mp3s and listen to them while youre meditating.

Did you feel the mood change when the cow interfered with the rose? What did the cow do to the rose? Who do you suppose was seeing that cow, its color and size? Who do you suppose was changing that color on that rose and enjoying the beautiful fragrance?

A hypnotic state is a natural state of mind. We are all in a hypnotic state when we are daydreaming or when we are almost asleep. We are relaxed, but still aware of our surroundings. When in this state, our subconscious mind is more open to suggestions. This is how you can reprogram your mind to get rid of negative impressions and replace them with positive ones. Remember you are always in charge of the changes your mind accepts.

Nurture relationships that give you energy. Interestingly, we have formed special relationships with the employees at our local organic grocery store. The owners and staff know our names, ask us about our work, get excited about our baby…making the experience of grocery shopping pleasurable and rewarding! Though the prices are slightly higher at this store, we feel the pay off is worth it. We feel energized dropping in for a head of lettuce and not frustrated by the task.

I believe that either St. John of the Cross or St. Teresa of Avila said that when one is unmistakably drawn toward God, a person can become as if they are sick, extremely tired, having lost all appetite, and finding all food nauseating. Everything is an annoyance; people, business dealings, they are all burdens. Only the illness and the longing for health (God), is important, and even though the business of life must go on, there is no longer an appetite for it. The taste is gone. Now these things of the world molest the one who is ill, and create untold burdens.

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